Optex Europe LTD: OPTEX wireless SL- beams exceeded performance expectations securing a VIP residence

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Noviembre, 2013
Optex Europe LTD: OPTEX wireless SL- beams exceeded performance expectations securing a VIP residence
Optex Europe LTD

Essex and Herts-based ACE Security and Electrical has become one of the first installers to specify the new range of OPTEX Smart Line Quad wireless beams at a VIP residence.
Approached by the owners of a prestigious property in the South East to install a reliable perimeter detection system to provide early warning for the close protection team on site, Jim Lander, Managing Director of ACE Security and Electrical, recognised OPTEX as the ideal partner:
“Our VIP personal security team needed to secure the perimeter of the multi-acre site and gain early warning of unauthorised individuals or groups trying to enter or leave,” he explains. “The stability of the detection device and its catch performance was therefore a crucial factor. The site had many environmental challenges including natural woodland and the wildlife within the grounds.”
Another key consideration was the need for covert installation and for the project to be completed as quickly as possible, with minimal disruption to the customer and surrounding environment.

As part of its iSeries portfolio, OPTEX provides battery operated beams with pre-fitted wireless transmitters which makes the equipment completely wirefree and this option proved to be the ideal solution for this project, as Paul Nicholas, Divisional Manager for OPTEX Europe. “The robust wireless integrity and the elimination of a cabled infrastructure meant that reliable security could be established within days rather than months.”

Jim Lander says the harsh winter of 2013 provided a true challenge: “Both the SL-SL350QFRi and AX100/200TFRis that provide detection near to the buildings really came up against the elements, but the performance and stability has exceeded our expectations.
“We thought of OPTEX for this project as we have been using its outdoor hardwired detectors for 30 years with great success,” he concludes, “and we can now fully appreciate the benefits the iSeries wireless intrusion detection solutions can provide to our company.”