OPTEX Infrared Detectors

Optex Iberia: Products and technology for Intrusion Detection

With more than 30 years of experience OPTEX company has become a reference in the security sector as a manufacturer of intrusion detection products thanks to its wide range of solutions based on infrared photobeams technology, microwaves, laser and fiber optic which enable us to prevent intrusions in locations and perimeter areas to protect, both at perimeter level and in areas located closer to the facility, both outdoors and indoors.

Optex, a Japanese company, has extended throughout the world with its own offices such as Optex Europe Ltd. in the UK, Optex Security SAS located in France, Optex Poland for Central and Eastern Europe, Optex America and Optex do Brasil for the American continent, Optex India and Optex Korea.

As a manufacturer OPTEX group has shown its continuous concern to adapt to the current needs of protection, without forgetting the particular needs of any facility and perimeter which has resulted in R&D efforts that have given to the perimeter security market innovative solutions at the moment they were launched and which years later turn out to be basic. Thus, OPTEX and their products can pride itself on legendary references such as VX-402 and VX-402R exterior detectors for perimeters closer to the facilities, wired and wireless, with which it revolutionized the exterior intrusion market with laser solutions which assure very high performance for critical facility perimeters such as the famous REDSCAN from the REDWILL line. More recently it has emerged as manufacturer capable of bringing to the market active wireless perimeter detectors generally recognized as infrared photo beams which facilitate perimeter protection in protected zones or wherever it is impossible to install wired photoelectric beams.

With the goal of giving the best service to its clients worldwide, OPTEX products extends and reinforces its presence in the field of perimeter security in the Iberian Peninsula.

OPTEX Intrusion Detection Products

  • OPTEX FTN-AM Detector
  • Outdoor passive infrared detectors OPTEX
  • Outdoor passive infrared detectors OPTEX
  • OPTEX wireless AX-100TFR / AX-200TFR (2 beams, 4 channels, 30-60m)
  • OPTEX CDX-NAM Detector