Intelligent PIRs, REDSCAN RLS-2020S launched and perimeter protection using drone

Perimeter protection
February, 2017
Intelligent PIRs, REDSCAN RLS-2020S launched and perimeter protection using drone

Indoor PIR sensors, as we previously referred to them, are changing. No longer are their abilities limited to a simple ‘yes or no’ signal, they are capable of determining much more useful information about the situation they are presented with.

Following the evolution of the outdoor sensors, OPTEX’s indoor PIRs have also evolved using the benefits offered by the digital micro-processor technology.
OPTEX has utilised its years of expertise and embedded this industry knowledge into the processor, included multiple different frequencies for a large number of scenarios, giving the sensor the intelligence to exclude what it thinks is not an alarm. The processor digitally quantifies the signal frequency and enables the PIRs to tell the difference between heat sources such as air conditioning, sunlight or human. This helps the PIR to distinguish what object it is sensing to provide accurate and reliable detection.

Having previously had this technology in OPTEX’s outdoor sensors, the indoor sensor makes more intelligent decisions, decreasing the likelihood of sending false alarms. While the indoor PIR sensor may look like a traditional ‘ordinary’ sensor, they have completely different functionalilty on the inside. They are more intelligent and have even been developed to have completely silent relay outputs to eliminate any noise when the system is alarmed.

Even the most basic OPTEX indoor sensor now features a core digital platform, and although those internal PIRs are still mainly implemented in security applications, they are playing a greater role for other applications such as home automation, elderly people care, building management and access control