OPTEX SL-200QDM / SL-350QDM / SL-650QDM (4 beams, 4 channels. Top Range)

OPTEX SL-200QDM / SL-350QDM / SL-650QDM (4 beams, 4 channels. Top Range)

OPTEX active IR detectors with 4 beams and 4 frequency channels, for perimeter protection, maximum ranges: 60, 100, 200m depending on the model. They can be tower, pole or wall-mounted.

These models offer the best performance among all of the SL series models thanks to their differentiating features such as I.A.S.C. or A.T.P.C. functions which enable beam power self-regulation by adapting to the particular conditions and by considerably reducing false alarms caused by fog, signal reflections, etc., not to mention other important features such as double modulation or others which make beam installation and alignment easier.

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SL-200QDM / SL-350QDM / SL-650QDM

Number of beams: 
  • Range, depending on the model:

     SL-200 QDM: 60 m.
     SL-350 QDM: 100 m.
     SL-650 QDM: 200 m.

  • Double beam modulation which reduces false alarms and alarm disappearance by allowing to discriminate other signals from external light sources, such as sun.
  • 4 beam frequency channels.
  • Upper/lower beam selection button to align.
  • Sniper viewfinder with 2x magnification.
  • Dials to align both horizontally and vertically (screwdriver is not needed).
  • Vivid interior color to make optical alignment easier.
  • Audio and visual (LED) optical alignment level indicator.
  • Beam power control selector.
  • I.A.S.C. (Integrated Alignment Status Communication): a system which enables that receiver informs transmitter about the received beam signal level.
  • A.T.P.C.: Automatic Transmission Power Control (based on I.A.S.C.) which allows to adjust and optimise beam power and to maintain optimal performance.
  • Alarm input for alarm retransmission.
  • Tamper (both in transmitter and receiver).
  • Anti-freeze/frost design.
  • It can be tower, pole or wall-mounted.
  • IP65. It is possible to add a solar battery (SBU-4) (Not included)
OPTEX SL-200QDM / SL-350QDM / SL-650QDM (4 beams, 4 channels. Top Range)
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