OPTEX SL-200QN / SL-350QN / SL-650QN (4 beams, 1 channel)

OPTEX SL-200QN / SL-350QN / SL-650QN (4 beams, 1 channel)


OPTEX active infrared sensor for perimeter protection, maximum range: 60, 100, 200m, depending on the model. They can be tower,  pole or wall-mounted.

When you do not have to stack several beams or when there is no crosstalk possibility SL-200QN, SL-350QN and SL-650QN models are the SL series’ best option as no channel frequencies are needed.

See Features paragraph below for more details.


 SL-200QN / SL-350QN / SL-650QN

Number of beams: 
  • Range, depending on the model.

       SL-200 QN: 60 m
        SL-350 QN: 100 m
        SL-650 QN: 200 m

  • Improvements to make beam alignment easier:
    • Sniper viewfinder with 2x magnification.
    • Dials to align both horizontally and vertically (screwdriver is not needed anymore).
    • Vivid interior color to make optical alignment easier.
  • Beam interruption time adjustment function, based on supposed target’s speed.
  • LED indicator: Alarm (Receiver) / Power (Transmitter).
  • Tamper (both in transmitter and receiver).
  • Lightning and power surge protection.
  • Anti-freeze/frost design.
  • It can be tower, pole or wall-mounted.
  • IP65.
OPTEX SL-200QN / SL-350QN / SL-650QN (4 haces, 1 canal)
Compatible accessories: