OPTEX wireless AX-100TFR / AX-200TFR (2 beams, 4 channels, 30-60m)

OPTEX wireless AX-100TFR / AX-200TFR (2 beams, 4 channels, 30-60m)

OPTEX Active IR photodetectors with 2 beams and 4 frequencies, for perimeter protection, with maximum ranges of 30 or 60m depending on the model. They can be tower, pole or wall-mounted.

In residential, commercial and industrial setting, AX-TFR series offer the reliability and flexibility needed in ever-changing and unstable environments. They are particularly suitable to be used in zones of quick deployment (such as military camps, temporary facilities, scaffoldings…)

Expensive wire conduit runs and concrete work become unnecessary with AX-TFR series, allowing installers to save time and money.

See Features paragraph below for more details.


AX-100TFR / AX-200TFR

Number of beams: 
  • Range depending on the model:

      AX-350TF: 30 m
       AX-650TF: 60 m

  • Channel selection: 4 frequencies. It avoids crosstalk.
  • Environmental disqualification circuit: no.
  • Wireless transmitter not included. Wireless transmitters are required to send alarm outputs to the control panel: 2 alarm outputs from the Transmitter (tamper and low battery) and 3 alarm outputs from the Receiver (alarm, tamper and low battery) of the photobeam.
  • Alignment angle: +/- 90º horizontal, +/- 5º vertical.
  • IP55 protection
  • Power Supply / Consumption: 3.6V, 13.0Ah: (4) LSH20 lithium batteries manufactured by SAFT (not included). Beam transmitter 2 units (battery life app. 3 years)** Beam receiver 2 units (battery life app. 5 years)

**Using non recommended batteries can cause reduced battery life.


  • Outputs: alarm, D.Q. (environmental disqualification), tamper, low battery
  • Indicators: alarm, power ON/OFF, low battery
  • 2 wireless transmitters can be used in the photobeam’s transmitter and two wireless transmitters in the photobeam’s receiver for signal transmission. In case the wireless transmitter has more than two outputs available, one wireless transmitter in each element (transmitter and receiver) is enough.
  • It is valid for almost any wireless transmitter in the market (however, the limitation depends on the available space)
OPTEX wireless AX-100TFR / AX-200TFR (2 beams, 4 channels, 30-60m)
Compatible accessories: