REDWALL SIP-5030 Outdoor PIR detector

REDWALL SIP-5030 Outdoor PIR detector

Outdoor wide-angle PIR detector to cover large areas with creep zone, 50mx30m coverage (main area), 6mx9m (creep zone), designed to enhance CCTV applications.

Our detectors with creep zone provide two independant detection areas in one device. To learn more about our range of "2 in 1" detectors, click here.



  • 50mx30m detection coverage
  • 2 in one detectors with an independant creep zone sensor unit to cover the area between the detector and the buidling
  • intelligent PIR detection system
  • automatic sensitivity management to ambient temperature and light
  • advanced detection algorithm
  • double dual/one Quad pyro-elements with patented Double Conductive Shielding for main area
  • anti-vandalism functions including anti-masking and anti-rotation function with 3-axis accelerometer
  • 2.3m to 4m mounting height
  • independant sensitivity for creep/ near and far detection zones
  • detection logic selector
  • detection range selector
  • independant N.C. and N.O. outputs for main areas
  • adjustable alarm interval time
  • BS8418 compliant (UK)
REDWALL SIP-5030 Outdoor PIR detector